11 Best Places in Europe to Visit as Solo Traveler

These are the best spots for solo travelers in Europe:


Iceland is the perfect place to travel alone for three big reasons: it’s popular so there are other solo travelers around, it is the safest country in the world, and it is probably the most beautiful country in the world too.

The only downside is Iceland is pretty darn expensive. However if you do day trips from Reykjavík, plus stay in a hostel, you’re bound to find someone to split things like car rental costs with.

Berlin, Germany

Hey Berlin!

Because of its promise of fantastic night life and counter culture, lots of young people come here with the intention of socializing. Whether out at a bar or nightclub or while taking one of the free walking tours, I find that meeting people in Berlin is easy. No matter what kind of person you are and what you’re looking for, you can find your tribe here.

Granada, Spain

Beautiful sunset at the Alhambra lookout point

I loved wandering around the city Center in Granada, and felt safe even at night. It’s easy to make friends in hostels or even on streets, because everyone goes out and you don’t feel out of place standing or sitting alone at a store, hotel or restaurant and having some food, as opposed to needing to have a whole sit down meal alone somewhere else.

Sonja in Alhambra, Spain

You can visit the Alhambra and spend as much time there as you like without having to worry about anyone else! Since it’s a more touristy area of Spain you don’t really need to worry about a language barrier either.” – Sonja of Migrating Miss

Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batlló, known as the house of bones

“The cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is the perfect place to visit if you’re a solo female travel. Spain in general is an inexpensive country, and Barcelona is no exception – from food, shopping and even using public transportation, Barcelona is a relatively cheap city to visit if you’re on a budget!

Although Barcelona is a big city, it’s very safe to visit

Bologna, Italy

Tasting Lambrusco in Modena, just outside of Bologna

Bologna is fantastic for two reasons: the food and the locals. I found some of Italy’s bigger cities to be stressful with all of the cat calling and the constant vigilance I had to keep over my backpack, but Bologna is different. Probably thanks to it being a university town, it feels safer and has a nice community of couch surfers (which is how I met some wonderful people), au pairs, and students.

The locals in and around Bologna have been incredibly welcoming and friendly

Stockholm, Sweden

How lovely is this!?

Stockholm combines a pretty, walk able city center with a very safe, egalitarian environment. The streets are clean and tidy, and in this country where women have long been treated as equal to men, a solo woman is nothing to be remarked upon. There is plenty to see and do: a historic center with pretty winding streets, royal palaces to lose yourself exploring, and gorgeous islands a ferry ride away from the city center where you can hike to your heart’s content, or just sit on a rocky shoreline for hours with a good book, undisturbed.

The light summer evenings mean it’s not dark until well after 10pm, making it a safe place to wander after dinner, too. It’s somewhere I keep going back to.”

Lisbon and Porto, Portugal

Beautiful Porto

Lisbon and Porto are special because they’re extremely laid back and the people are very friendly.

As a solo traveler, you feel extremely safe – and there were so many random acts of kindness. Lisbon and Porto are very budget-friendly, the architecture is stunning and the food is delicious. The bars and cafes have character in both Porto and Lisbon. And the sunset in Lisbon is memorable – and it’s free!”

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a fantastic choice as a solo traveler simply because almost everyone who visits Europe goes there. Communication is easy because the Dutch are generally fantastic at English, and it’s pretty small and compact and therefore easy to get around.

Basically, there is a lot to do and a lot of potential to meet others in a place as popular as Amsterdam. If you go in the spring, be sure to enjoy the tulips as well.

Oh, and you can get stroopwaffles there – delicious caramel waffle cookie things. Need I say more?

Budapest, Hungary

Cake, and beautiful architecture. What more can you ask for?

Budapest is a fantastic European city for solo female travelers. It’s incredibly budget friendly with low-cost boutique accommodation, delicious local food and wine that is a fraction of the cost of other European capital cities, and wonderful experiences that are also affordable such as thermal bath spa days, exploring ancient castles, walking in historic districts to admire architecture, and frolicking in beautifully maintained parks

Geneva, Switzerland

Beautiful Geneva

The city itself is actually the perfect place for an independent trip (especially the first one), because it is a very international city, meaning you won’t feel out of place no matter where you’re from. Most people in the city speak English so communication is not a problem. While Geneva is known for being an expensive place, public transportation is free (if you stay in a hostel or hotel), and the city is also filled with water pumps you can use.

Prague, Czech Republic

Looking good, Prague!

“Prague is a perfect destination for solo women, even for those just starting out. Of course, you still have to be cautious of your surroundings and not walk around drunk at night (even though I did that at a certain age), but overall, it’s very safe here. The public transport works great and Uber does too, so you don’t have to rely on taxis. Plus, you can easily communicate in English in most places. Prague also offers plenty of cool hostels where you can meet like-minded travelers. It’s great to visit in any season, be it summer or winter.”

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